Top 10 Hipster Videos on YouTube

April 25, 2014
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Ah, hipsters, love or hate them, you’ve got to want to publicly humiliate them… or not. Who cares? Here’s 10 hipster-related videos to help you make up your mind…

This made the rounds last year but it still rings true. Hipsters will do anything to feel like they’re in the know. Now either some of these people are really good at improv or they’re just really stupid… although I would love to see Shorty Jizzle and the Plumbercracks. I hear everyone gets wet and sticky at their shows.

I know this is a parody video of Hipsters but it still hits home. Having lived in NYC, I can attest to the assholery of hipsters when it comes to beer drinking. They think they know all this stuff about beer but then they also go head over heels for PBR. I mean get real. No need to be so douchey about it.

I’m sorry to say but this seems super staged. The guy playing the hipster is a really bad actor. Bless his little heart. However, I can say that the girlfriend is even worse then the guy. She’s giving me real intensity when she’s called the repo people corporate slaves. Ooooooof.

Another hipster parody video… This time, this fella gets broken up with and wants to sing a song about it. He’s really baring his soul and is getting super emotional when all of the sudden his roommate walks in. What happens next? Well I don’t want to give it away.

It’s a Discovery Channel wildlife program. “Hipsters in their natural habitat.” Truth be told, I’ve been to Beacon’s Closet to find some cheap clothes… I found clothes, they weren’t cheap and I left empty handed. Oh well. But this video helps you identify a hipster and that arms you with knowledge to steer clear of them.

Another parody but they’re just so good! The Harvard Sailing Team is a super funny group. When the hipsters are doing a coffee tasting it’s just too much for me. I rolled on the floor laughing, mostly because I recently went to coffee/bacon/beer/chocolate tasting but I saw people doing the same thing. Art imitates life!

While this one mocks hipsters it is actually quite informative. It tracks the counter culture movements from the 1940s until today’s modern hipster. From Beatnicks to hippies, to grunge and beyond. Now I know that hipsters are an amalgamation of everything that happened before.

I only got through one minute of this video before I had to stop watching. The girl’s voice was way too irritating for me. Everything was vintage and she had some of her clothes made in Burma. I say sweatshop. It’s all too showy showy for me. I like vintage things too but they’re mostly trains.

This girl being interview thinks she’s an accidental hipster. I mean, come on. She looks like a quintessential hipster. Plus, listen to what she’s saying… “I don’t to shop at the same stores for my outfits” “I used to be a massive music snob.” I’m onto you, you sneaky, sneaky hipster. You can’t fool me with your Australian accent. I live with one!

This guy is trying to be a hipster by riding a fixed gear bike. He tries to pop a wheelie but something happens that made me laugh. You shouldn’t laugh at other people’s misfortune but I couldn’t help myself. Lawd Jesus, save me.

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