The Snappening: Now It’s Everyone Else’s Turn

October 10, 2014
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It was only a matter of time. Frankly we’re not surprised. If the private accounts of celebrities were so easily hacked it stood to reason that the digital realms of everyone else’s privacy were also open for business. And so it turns out. According to an article in the International Business Times and another in Business Insider, users of the app Snapchat are about to have their pictures leaked to the public at large.

Hackers have intimated that at least 100,000 photographs are set to be released, including purportedly under-age nudes, which, if we weren’t already on very morally suspect ground with the events of the Fappening, definitely sets a new low for the whole business and which, if some folk out there are already rubbing their hands gleefully, should also lead to prosecution for child pornography.

Already dubbed ‘the Snappening‘ on various message boards such as 4chan, rumors have abounded for weeks that something new was on the horizon. They weren’t wrong. For years, it seems, a Snapchat client app called Snapsave had apparently been collecting all the pictures and videos that passed through it. This has allowed hackers to get their digital fingers on a library of Snapchats, approximately 13GB worth, that users believed to have been deleted a long time ago.

To prove that they weren’t bluffing, the hackers have already released a blurred image of pictures allegedly lifted from Snapsave, along with claims that the complete leak will take place this Sunday, October 12. The files containing the hacked images were originally posted on a website, since taken down, called, which turned out to a fake competition site intended to install malware. Although taken down, many pictures were already believed to have been downloaded.

According to the International Business Times, a hacker has claimed that the pictures will be uploaded to a searchable database, with the upshot that Snapchat user IDs can be used to trace the source of the images.


The Snappening: Now It's Everyone Else's Turn

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  1. Dats fucked up!

  2. Its a good thing! Why only celebs to have their pics leaked. Leaks for the masses FTW. I want my 15 minutes of fame dammit

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