Texts From Your Ex on Instagram

November 24, 2015
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Texts From Your Ex on Instagram

In the Internet age, no single word, encounter or even thought appears to be safe. Everything is logged and stored for future use and potential embarrassment. It’s now spreading its shadow across that most deadly of battlegrounds: post-relationship quarrels with an ex.

The end of any coupling never really goes smoothly. Items are returned or divided, once treasured gifts and keepsakes suddenly lose their sparkle and are soon launched out of a window, dirty laundry is aired and friends’ loyalties are tested to the hilt.

Sure, it can be a rather frustrating process but hey, nothing lasts forever, right? If you’re feeling bad about a recent break-up of your own, looking for things to avoid in the future or just love reveling in other people’s misery, then Texts From Your Ex is the site for you!

Similar to one of the internet’s great databases, Damn You Autocorrect!, Texts From Your Ex collects some of humanity’s more embarrassing and disappointing moments and lays them out for your consideration.

The site’s popularity has gone supernova in a short space of time, having collected an impressive 133,000 followers since their first post on September 24, 2014.

Has revenge porn decided to go down the intellectual route at last? Perhaps, although judging by some of these examples of the site’s funniest texts, intellectualism might not really be a factor this time…

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