Levitation Isn’t Real! And Other News…

August 29, 2014
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This week we’ll learn how gullible people react when faced with reality, that Brazilian doctors may jump the gun, why many humans suck, what not to do after you break into somebody’s home, and finally, a confirmation that being on top of the food chain can come with some sickening perks.



British magician Dynamo has wowed the world with his tricks and illusions for years but one of his latest stunts caused spectators to tweet their anger because they could see how the trick was done.

Levitation Isn't Real! And Other News...

When people need to be told that it’s actually impossible to levitate, that’s when we should consider a license for procreation. I hate to be the harbinger of bad news, but it’s also impossible to read minds, walk through walls, and teleport. If you don’t believe me, please try walking through a concrete wall as fast as you can.

Dead Nasty

Most would agree that their worst nightmare is being buried alive. Waking up in a body bag after being pronounced dead is probably not far from it. This is what happened to a Brazilian cancer patient recently.

His relatives had already started with the funeral arrangements within two hours after receiving the news from the doctors. When the uncle of “deceased” Valdelucio de Oliveira came to the morgue to dress up the dead body, Oliveira was alive.

Ice Bucket Challenge

If you haven’t heard of the ALS ice water challenge you’ve probably spent the past few months living under a rock in a cave somewhere. This awareness campaign has gone viral and has raised millions of dollars.


But because part of the challenge is to pour water over one’s head, it was only a matter of time until some people would start bitching over the miss usage of clean water.

Spaced Out Robbery

I’ve never broken into anyone’s home with the intent of stealing anything, but I could imagine that if I did, I would probably only get away with whatever was closest to my nearest exit.

Levitation Isn't Real! And Other News...

Two teenage boys in Pennsylvania thought they had enough time to bake drug-laced brownies during their burglary of a Collegeville home. They were in the middle of baking their culinary treats when police caught them with more than two pounds of the special brownie ingredient.

Eat Me!

In Douglas Adams’ Restaurant at the end of the Universe it’s possible to eat a type of animal bred to want to be eaten. Soon we might be there. In Omaha it’s possible to pick out your sheep, pig, rabbit, goat, chicken, or small cattle and watch it get slaughtered.

Then you simply pick up the meat you selected from the animal you chose. Animal Rights activists are expected to go ape shit.

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