Jimmy Yitzak’s YouTube Videoganza!

November 7, 2013
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Welcome Brethren! If you’re like me, your newsfeed is full of Shark Week status updates. While I do not indulge in sharkophilia, I do enjoy the above video. Yes, the seal had it coming. I’ve had a few co-workers I wanted to do that to. Haven’t we all. Happy Shark Week!



I stumbled upon this gem because I was looking for the Megan Hilty version of “Dancing On My Own”. Don’t judge me, I needed a good cry. Anyway, these two girls are amazing. Slamming things on the table seems to be the next big thing, watch out twerking, They’ve both got great voices and amazing talent for such a young age.



This video reminds me of two things. First, the way I used to go down the stairs as a kid (feety PJs and all) and second, my dearly departed Golden Retriever Lab mix, Jack Daniels. Yes, his name was Jack Daniels.



This video tells me that if you’re old and infirm, buying a chair from Ikea will fix you all up. I’ll keep that in mind when I become an old man. I’m kidding, of course. I love the inspirational message of stepping out of your comfort zone to experience new and exciting things. Sometimes we need that extra nudge.



While I dislike stores like Kmart and Walmart, I have to say this is a clever commercial and makes me chuckle. I’ve certainly shipped my pants before. Haven’t you?



All I can say about this video is that I want this kid around me anytime I need someone to shut the hell up. Thank you sassy small boy, thank you.



I love this video. I think it’s done stuff that the zombie genre hasn’t done yet. Plus, it’s beautifully made.


That’s it for this week. More videos coming your way soon!

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