Jimmy Yitzak’s Video Pot Pourri

January 3, 2014
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Welcome to 2014 folks. Let’s get things started with another round-up of what’s been going down on YouTube of late…

Sometimes you just need some good ole New Jersey asswhooping. I mean have you ever seen an episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey? Rep. Bill Parscrell of the Garden State finally lets the Republicans have it. It only took em 3 years. He lays into them with the mighty sword of truth and oh, he’ll take back his time if he yields it. Why? Because he can…not actually procedurally correct but it’s badass.


How boring are those in-flight safety videos? I only normally watch them because as a child I convinced myself that if I don’t, the plane will fall out of the sky and me with it. “Child of the Theatre”, Todrick Hall hits it out of the park again with this gem, the new Virgin American Safety video. It’s so now and makes you pay attention. This is how in-flight videos should be… FUN. If I was on a Virgin American flight and was watching this, I’d be dancing in the aisles and then I’d get taken down by an undercover TSA agent.


So maybe I’m a little bit in love with Todrick Hall’s videos. They’re pretty amazing. This one combines one of my favorite musicals “Chicago” with Disney but there’s a twist. If you’re expecting Disney Princesses, think again. This the Spell Block Tango and it’s the Disney Villains coming at you. Cause you know…. They had it comin!


If you’ve been on any social media in the last month or so, you’ve probably seen this video. If you haven’t, take a look. This adorable girl is the personification of the old saying “Dancing to the beat of your own drum.” We should all take a page out of her book and tap however we damn well please. I actually have a close friend who probably did this when she was that age.


You’ve just had video to put a smile on your face and now here is a video to restore your faith in humanity. This news story out of Omaha tells of a Marine standing up to some homophobes who were harassing his friends. We need more upstanding citizens like this guy to say enough is enough. It’s straight allies like this amazing American to further the cause of LGBT acceptance. He fought of his country overseas and now he’s fighting for the rights of his fellow citizens.


The Broadway Bomb. When skaters from all over the world descend on Manhattan to skate their way down Broadway from the Morningside Heights neighborhood to the southern tip of the island. Some amazing video person shot the NYPD trying to stop these skater and failing. He then raised the bar by speeding up the footage and adding the Benny Hill theme tune over it. The result? Hilarity.


I hope at you all had a fun Halloween. I know I did. I didn’t get home until 8:30am the next morning. Watch this video if you want a good prank laugh. The end, however, takes the cake. That guy was not having it at all!


Hillary, Hillary, Hillary. We had our words with each other in the 90’s, it’s true but some 20 years later, I’m ready to forgive. You have become an all star. Are you running in 2016? Well, it’s too early to think about that but watch this video to see how she takes down a congressman when he questions her about reproductive rights. She’s saying all the right things.


I love trains, specifically the New York City Subway system. You see in NYC, the train conductors have to point at a stripped sign in the middle of the platform as an extra way to see that they’re paying attention. Someone decided to put smiles on their faces and stand under those signs with posters saying “Point if you’re dead sexy” and the like. I love the conductors reactions. It must be a boring job after a while.


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