How to Get An #ElloInvitation

October 7, 2014
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This last seven days or so, all our feeds have been full of articles and comments & hashtags about, a new platform that we’ve talked about here before.

1) Signing up for the beta by visiting this page – Just enter your email to proceed and then wait patiently.

2) Follow us and RT our post, we’ll send you via DM your code!

3) Other social networks are good when you want something, go on Twitter and look for the hashtag #Elloinvitation you will see Ello invites being given out.

4) Visit the Reddit page where codes are also being handed out.

There are many ways that you can get an invitation, but BaDoink found the best one for you: 

And after, once you’ve got your code, go to this link and fill the form: 


ello4 – The guide of how to use ‘ello’

ello3 – Faces of Ello

ello2  – Lucian Föhr (designer)

ben_ello1 – Benjamin Crick (artist)


And of course… us!


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  1. I joined Ello and I just don’t get the big fuss? I can hardly work out what is going on. Why is this site so popular?

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