Hottest Lingerie Commercials

April 7, 2015
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First, a little tip; when you’re doing research on the hottest lingerie commercials while in a cafe, find a quiet spot with your screen facing the wall. And always, always, bring headphones. Better still, do it at home, where you have your privacy and don’t have to keep opening a new window when people walk past you.

We had to watch quite a few of these babies to find the hottest, most delicious commercials. Hard work, but someone had to do it. And now what you have is the cream of the crop. Carefully chosen for its cinematography, storyline and… Oh, who are we kidding? These videos stun us to silence, make us want to buy lingerie and most important of all, make us want to take our laptops to our rooms, where we can watch them in uh… silence… Enjoy!

Victoria’s Secret 2010 Commercial (By Michael Bay)
One of Victoria’s Secret’s edgier commercial. Probably because of the presence of Michael Bay. I’ll bet he had fun shooting this!

Agent Provocateur – Proof
Ah, the famous Kylie commercial. We remember when this one hit the market; everyone was talking about it, mainly because it was considered so raunchy it was banned!

The Science of Sexy by Wonderbra and Dita
She’s almost unrecognizable in the beginning of the video and then she gets the magic Wonderbra formula (or something like that) and morphs into the sultry, sexy Dita we know and love!

Give him wood by Ann Summers
We absolutely love this one and the obvious tongue in cheek misinterpretation of the term. The looks on the men’s faces are priceless!

Agent Provocateur – Love me Tender
Another Provocateur video. I don’t know why you’re surprised; they’re famous for their raunchy, banned videos. This one has the hottest lap dance you’ll ever see, all from the POV of the man. TOTALLY NSFW.

The cup size choir by La Senza
After the last video this one seems tame by comparison, but with a name like Cup Size Choir, how tame can it be right? You are right! Sexy and subtle.

Super sexy CPR by Fortnight Lingerie
Another home run video (and also one of our favorites). So saucy and cheeky you’ll want to learn CPR for sure!

Agent Provocateur – Soiree Fleurs du Mal
I’m not sure what to make of this one. If it wasn’t filled with hot boob baring models I’m sure it would be quite scary. But it is. So… (NSFW).

Crazy Horse by Passionista
A slight twist on Agent Provocateur’s Proof video, still hot. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Beautiful, funny, cheeky and unbelievably sexy videos all to sell lingerie. One wonders who they make the videos for? We aren’t complaining!

Got a video we haven’t seen? Share it with us in the comments below!

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