Fight Like A Girl & News From Around the Net

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News From Around the Net

I know it’s a Monday, but don’t worry. The Internet will never let you down! Here are some things to look forward to in life. Check out what’s happened and will be happening!

The Martian, first look

The Martian by Andy Weir was a great book so it comes as no surprise that they quickly turned it into a movie – but at least it’s starring Matt Damon – second time in space after Interstellar. I cannot wait for the movie, but here’s a first look teaser where botanist astronaut Mark Watney introduces his crew before their mission. The crew includes pilot Rick Martinez (Michael Pena), commander Melissa Lewis (Jessica Chastain), Chris Beck (Sebastian Stan), Aleks Vogel (Aksel Hennie), and “computer expert” Beth Johanssen (Kate Mara). Looks like they managed to keep the light, fun style the book has on screen too. It comes out in November and I can’t wait till it does. Hopefully they’ll release the full trailer soon!

Buckle up southern Europe, you’re next on Netflix

Well if you’ve been missing your Netflix, Southern Europe, don’t worry because Netflix has got its eyes set on you. This October Spain, Italy and Portugal will be able to count themselves as one of the roughly 50 countries to receive the service. Pricing is not yet set but if it’s the same as Germany, Austria and Switzerland, then it should be set to €7.99

Advantageous is now on Netflix

Speaking of Netflix, Advantageous from Sundance will soon be available on the streaming service on June 23. Advantageous is a sci-fi about Gwen (Jacqueline Kim, who also co-wrote the film) who is a spokeswoman for a new-fangled body-swapping procedure. She must undergo the procedure herself in order to keep her job and be able to ensure a good future for her daughter, Jules (Samantha Kim). The trailer looks just the right about of sci-fi, mystery and human emotion to want to watch it.

Wanna fight like a girl?

Finally Amy Schumer kicks it out of the ballpark with her new bit Fight like a Girl. In last Tuesday’s episode she trains men how to fight in the “ancient art of Female Emotional Combat.” You, young padawan, will learn how to deal with different scenarios that include date night, not listening, how to deal with period rage and more. Be careful. You might learn something.

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