Exploding Kittens!

January 22, 2015
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Exploding Kittens!

Amidst all the chaos in the world, it’s nice to see something genuinely awesome and silly explode into the world. That thing is the new ridiculous card game Exploding Kittens, a brilliantly inventive party game that’s taken the Internet by storm, overwhelming the Kickstarter-verse with truly astronomical levels of support. The game, cooked up by Elan Lee and Shane Small, with illustrations from everyone’s favorite comic sensation The Oatmeal (by artist Matthew Inman), is an explosive, quick draw game reminiscent of Cards Against Humanity, but not necessarily for terrible people.

Exploding Kittens is as beautifully simple as it sounds. According to the website and Kickstarter campaign, players draw cards from a deck until a kitten is unleashed. A kitten has the power to destroy a player, unless that player has another card from the myriad deck to combat the combustible little feline. The creators describe it as “essentially Russian Roulette” but instead of firearms there are hilariously illustrated cats and nonsensical spells. Sounds like the best thing ever.

The Kickstarter for the game opened on January 20th, and will close on February 19th, and since appearing, the campaign has received over a million and a half dollars toward its outstanding success. Last time I checked, the backer list was at 44,246 eager players, and that number has already risen most likely, with almost a month to go in one hell of a Kickstarter campaign.

So how does it work? One game deck can be used by two to four players, with additional cards, including a NSFW expansion, available for purchase. The rules are simple enough, as it’s seemingly a turn-based drawing-a-card-style fun-splosion, with special cards usable as kitten survival tactics or as funny and deadly schemes against other players. Sans the NSFW extra deck, it’s perfectly fine to play with children, but a full room of only adults can enjoy it just the same.


If you’re not sure if you want to sprint to your nearest Internet box and back the game, thereby assuring yourself hours and hours of explosive kitten fun, or have never indulged in party-style card games before, check out titles such as Cards Against Humanity or, if your sense of humor is not disturbing in any way, the classic Apples to Apples.

Still not convinced? Try a game like Deck Around, which has supposedly eclipsed Cards Against Humanity in that it makes you laugh till you faint, or Time’s Up, a brilliantly wacky game that involves cards but also lots of arm waving and shameful admittance of your own historical and pop culture ignorance. It’s hilarious beyond belief, and can be played over a million times.

What makes Exploding Kittens special, though, is how much support it’s gotten, especially as it’s really, really strange. It’s the perfect illustration of what makes the Internet deliciously terrible and special all at once. We can all be brought together in peaceful, giggling harmony, sitting around a coffee table and busting our guts over baby cats intent on blowing up everything in their adorable, fuzzy paths.

Go check out the Kickstarter page and their main page for more information on this incredibly popular new game, and join me in throwing piles and piles of money into one of humanity’s most perfect fun time products. Who needs a giant TV, a machine that tracks your movement creepily only to emulate it back at you on said TV, or that idiotic game where you shoot prostitutes for no reason, when you have pure, sublime, silly fun with Exploding Cats. Thank you, Exploding Cats and the Internet, for proving humanity still has a (nonsensical) soul.

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