Dubai Sex Boat Parties Finally Halted After Arrests

March 26, 2015
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Dubai Sex Boat Parties Finally Halted

The oil-rich Arab Emirates are the latest playground for the world’s rich and powerful to congregate in. The money flows as freely as the thick, black stuff from the ground… and more often than not those involved are as slimy and toxic as the dinosaur juice that swells their coffers and wallets.

I suppose if we *must* find one or more ways in which to sympathize with rich people, it’s that having all that money must actually be a concern sometimes. The pile is growing and growing, but no matter how many yachts, rockets, islands or gold-plated toilet seats they purchase, it’s never enough. Poor little rich guys!

The only thing left to do is really test the boundaries of what you can and can’t get away with. For one group in Dubai, this involved bribing police officers and army personnel to bring women and booze to your party boat to engage in wild sex parties! 28 men and women were arrested after a sting operation finally paid off for the lawmakers of Dubai.

In a country known for its strict application of anti-alcohol and anti-infidelity laws, particularly on its native residents, the risks taken by those involved would have been astronomical. According to The National, a United Arab Emirates-based news outlet, police ordered surveillance over a number of months after being tipped off that corrupt cops were facilitating the fun. By time they made their boarding and arrests, they had seized 101 bottles of alcohol and bed sheets that held evidence of forbidden sexual couplings. All on-board were drunk at the time of the arrests. One man was even apprehended while dressed in women’s clothes and make up.

All 28 were charged with ‘committing an act that may lure to commit sin’; the act being gathering on a yacht without being related. Four, two men and two women, were charged with having consensual sex outside wedlock. Nine of the group were charged with consuming alcohol without a license. The party organizer was charged with possessing the 101 bottles of alcohol to provide to others.

All involved will return to court on April 5th for sentencing.

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