BaDoink Video Round-Up Christmas Special

December 22, 2014
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BaDoink Video Round-Up Christmas Special
Just so we cover all the bases here, let’s say Merry Christmas to all the Christians out there; Happy Holidays to all the other faith-based denominations; and Cool Random Day Off to all you lucky atheists shoveling turkey and booze down your throats.

Whatever your belief system, today’s a nice day to be at home, watching TV, surfing the Net and reading BaDoink… and shoveling turkey and booze down your throats. So while you do that, get a load of these specially selected seasonal sweets, brought to you by the magic of moving pictures!

Granny O’Grimm’s Christmas Greeting
Oh my God, I love this; in fact, this is my favorite one of the bunch. If you’ve got little kids, show them this. You can bet they’ll behave themselves from then on.

Animaniacs – The Great Wakkarotti Holiday Concert
I love it when people make an effort with the small details. Watch out for the tonal change after the soda-pop. Nuff said!

Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present
These are all hilarious so you may as well just start with this one, because at least the kids attempt to reason with their mom on this one. Flick through them all though to see some real spoilt screamers.

Dad’s Frustrating Christmas Present 2011 (Holiday Prank)
This is a bit like the last one, except now it’s an old person on the ‘receiving’ end. Ha ha… old people! They die before us!

What Mormons Really Believe
We all love alternative endings… how about alternative beginnings and middles too? Here’s the Mormon take on the birth of Christopher T. Mass. Fascinating stuff!

The M&S Christmas TV Advert 2013
I know here at BaDoink we often seem to be preoccupied with lady bits, so, to compensate, here’s a pile of utter balls, courtesy of famous UK rip-off merchants Marks & Spencer.

Spitting Image – Santa Claus is on the Dole
And, finally, one for these cash-strapped times of ours, from ancient UK puppet satire show, Spitting Image.

Well, there we have it. We hope that’s made up a little for all the bitter familial recriminations that have been flying about the home today.

Happy whatevers!

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