A Few Fun Frisky Vids To Tickle Your Fancy

December 10, 2013
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We’re back from exploring the deep recesses of the Internet to bring you another round of sensual videos to help start your day.

Butthoven’s 5th Symphony

Here’s to the best placed bow in performance history. You will be mesmerized by the buttwork of Miss Michelle L’amour!

Sex and Seniors

As much as we don’t want to think about our parents or any old person having sex, it does happen. Apparently it’s happening so much that they had to make a video on safe sex. Good on them!

Erotic, awkward massage

This is supposed to be a sensual massage but ends up looking more awkward than erotic. Also, I’m not sure I’d want to fuck with all that goo on me. What about you?

Disturbed or aroused? We’re not judging! Come back for another round of sensual videos soon! Leave us your comments below!

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  1. This technique with the Naru massage I have done before, without knowing it had a name. After you massage you male partner his body is relaxed and not tense. When you lay down on his back at 1st, he will feel your nipples, breast, pelvic bone.. Move your body around slowly lick his ear. And watch him get chill bumps. You have total control! It is an awesome body massage for both. I suggest you and your lover give it a try.. It makes the sex so much more passionate and it last longer

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