5 of the Best Garfunkel and Oates Songs

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My new favorite quirky, folksy duo is none other than Garfunkel and Oates. Played to perfection by Kate Micucci and Rikki Lindhome, they have been performing together since 2007 and just recently got their own TV show, Garfunkel and Oates (IFC) that depicts their personal and personal life as they try and make it big in Hollywood. Honestly, go and watch it if you haven’t.

5 of the Best Garfunkel and Oates Songs

Needless to say they’re my go-to duo if I need to explain some ‘girlie’ thing to a guy – but in song. Comedic song to be exact. Nothing says it better than song. So for you lot here at BaDoink, I’ve compiled my five favorite tunes that pretty much sum up a whole bunch of issues men are confused about when it comes to women:

I don’t understand job

I’ve been doing it for years and truth be told, I still don’t understand the mechanics of a handjob. I believe that this song explains it perfectly.
Self Esteem

Although it might seem that men have cracked the code on how to get laid, by hitting on the girls they think are their ‘target’, somehow their plans still get foiled by the dratted ‘self esteem’, probably the best cock blocker out there.
I would never (have sex with you)

Ah the dreaded (for men) Friendzone or, as women would call it, I would never have sex with you, because like they say in the song, “believe me you’d know it if I wanted to, I already would have shown my boobs to you!”
Pregnant women are smug

Lest you think that all women think about is getting pregnant, or being pregnant and that we love all pregnant women, BABIES! This. Isn’t. True. Because many of us think that pregnant women are smug. #truth

This is so damn true – and probably accounts for the sudden look of desperation that women get after passing 30 – although, after a few years in their 30s, we calm down, but still between 30 – 32 we go pretty nuts.

Have fun guys and let me know in the comments if there are other Garfunkel and Oates songs that help you decipher to female mind!

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