10 Videos That Will Make You Stop and Think

February 24, 2014
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Jimmy has decided that this week he wants to focus on the kinds of videos that get the old grey cells pumping. Here’s his Top 10…

This video was really interesting. It talks about how poverty is not just a lack of money but a lack of power. When you think about it is those with the power that make all the decisions. Those with the power are usually also the ones with the money. If you do not fall into either of those categories you don’t have much say with what’s going on around. It also illuminates that fact that it is the wealthy that most of the time is more dependent on government handouts. It’s a longer video but it’s really worth the time.



Now I don’t really like Coca-Cola or Pepsi. I’m trying to be healthier these days so I drink lots of water. However, this video from Coke is amazing. I too find myself stuck in the world of my phone. Not realizing what’s going on around me. It’s a nice reminder to put the tech down and interact with each other on a personal level. Life is so much nicer then.



One of my favorite senators, Bernie Sanders of Vermont always asks hard-hitting questions. While he caucuses with the Democrats most of the time, he is the only third party senator. Watch him grill a panel of people trying to defend Walmart paying its employees low wages. It’s kind of embarrassing to see and hear these people talk. They either have no regard for the working poor or they’re getting paid a lot of money to think that way. The truth is American tax payers are carrying the burden for the government assistance Walmart employees are receiving because they do not make enough money to get by. Reminder to all: The Walton Family (the owners of Walmart) is the richest family in the USA. Think about that.



How many countries are there? The number seems to change depending on who you talk to. The UN has one number and the Olympics has another, plus there are places that claim to be independent but only a handful of people recognize them as such. Maybe this video will help shed some light on it. I learned the names of some new places.



How do you get information about HIV/AIDS out to a public that frowns on safe sex education? If you think I’m talking about the USA, you’re wrong. I’m talking about Ethiopia. People between the ages of 15 and 24 make up about 40% of the world’s HIV/AIDS cases and more than half the population of Ethiopia is under the age of 24. You do the math. This group of boys is getting the information out through dance. They’re out their educating people so they’re armed with the best weapon… knowledge.



I have a lot of females from the USA who experience this all too often. It just doesn’t happen in “other” countries. Think about this the next time you see an attractive woman walking down the street. There’s a person behind those terrible thoughts you’re having in your head. Also think about your mother and your sisters. Would you want someone treating them like that? I don’t think so.



What these women are actually saying is perfect is boring. Embrace your imperfections. There’s all this talk about cover girls being photo-shopped. Show me an un-photo-shopped cover girl and I’ll show you a beautiful woman.



Jane McGonigal’s TED talk about how video games can make a difference in people’s lives. The talk is about someone who took her job and made it into a tool to help people overcome depression and attain the goals they set for themselves. She created this marvelous website called Superbetter to help people help themselves. It’s a great idea.



I had no idea jurors had the power to nullify laws and set someone free. This isn’t something that they tell you when you get called into jury duty. I’m not a lawyer but I’d like to contact one to talk to them about this. This was definitely a video that made me go hmmmm…



Have you ever thought about the consequences of war? I certainly haven’t because war has never directly affected my life. For others, it’s an everyday thing. Look at Syria, because of their civil war the medical system has fallen apart. This video is really an advert for Doctors Without Borders but it made me stop and think about war.



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