10 Death-Defying Videos on YouTube

April 11, 2014
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Above:  A girl is performing a show with a live crocodile on December 5, 2010, in Sriracha Zoo, Chonburi, Thailand. Image by Alexander Gitlits / Shutterstock.com

People are goddam crazy. Yeah, they might be pretty damn cool, too, sometimes… but mainly they be pretty goddam crazy! Here’s the proof…

I don’t really have a fear of flying but my heart was in my throat watching this. It really is a terrible nightmare to be on a plane that loses control. Thank God there were no passengers on the flight. That right there might give me a reason to never fly again.


I’d like to file this video under “Things That Make the Butt Hole Clench” because it did. I was so scared the whole time I watched this video. I mean, with one bad move it would all be over for this guy. On the other hand, he must have an impressive upper body. That requires a lot of upper-body work.


This is my dream. I’ve always wanted to fly. When I was a boy, I used to have dreams that I was Superman and would fly all over New York City. I need to find where I can learn to use the suit that this guy uses.


I really thought this guy was going to die. Actually, I thought the more death defying part of this video was the sailboat tilting like that. That’s some skill right there.


This man from Liverpool is insane! The balls on this one to do the world’s tallest bungee jump! He dropped for a long time and went pretty far down this tower. I would have passed out sometime right after the fall started. I yelled at the screen watching this one.


I do have a big fear of drowning. I used to never go swimming in deep water. It was a big feat for me to overcome that fear. I was really scared for this guy to get out of this underwater cage. It’s amazing that he can hold his breath and remain calm for that long. I would have freaked out.


This is definitely death defying in the truest sense. This man is so close to death, you can see it in his eyes but when he hears music from when he was younger, he suddenly transforms into a vibrant person again. It’s a true testament to the power of music.


These guys snuck into the World Trade Center area and base-jumped from The Freedom Tower. Is it still called The Freedom Tower? I hope not, might as well be called ‘Murica Tower’. Anyway, jumping off the tallest building in NYC in the dead of night and landing on the West Side Highway… scary and amazing.


Anyone who knows me knows I love trains. Love em to bits but this is stupid. Lucky for this guy that there is enough clearance under the train so he wasn’t crushed to death. This guy has no fear. After the train passes he just casually lays there like he’s on vacation.


The president of Volvo Trucks is standing on the front of a truck dangling over a harbor. Badass… especially for someone who does nothing like this… ever. PLUS it was all done in one take. I bow to you sir. Well done.


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