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The Internet is essentially the digital version of the old American West. You could spend days out in the wastelands before meeting another human, and intelligent conversation can be at a premium. Just like the Wild West, the wheels keep turning and industry keeps cranking new and exciting things for you to look at and play with.
Whether it’s the latest must-click website, a public gaffe by a celebrity, trivia and the secrets of the web, BaDoink is here to provide you with the latest goings on as they happen. We may even have to deliver bad news to you sometimes, but why would we try and wrap our readers in cotton wool? There’s a world wide web out there, and you need to know about it.
At we are more than happy to be your shepherd and lead you to the best, funniest, most imaginative and weirdest content out there. You’d be crazy not to join us on the journey.


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