7 Signs That Say End the Relationship

April 10, 2014
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Sometimes when we’re too close to the issue, it’s hard to tell what’s right or wrong or even, especially if you’re very invested, when to leave a relationship. The end of a relationship doesn’t means that it was a failure. Sometimes you have to step away because it was time to go your own way, you have to do what is best for you (or both of you) or you both are growing but just not together. Some of the sure fire signs you need to leave a relationship are:


Whether it is physical, emotional or mental abuse, this is a HUGE red flag. If you’re finding it hard to leave or fear for your safety, contact someone to help you. This is a non-negotiable point. There is no excuse for abuse.

ending relationships


It’s always the hope that an addict will recover and then everything will become better and go back to normal. I’m not saying that this might never happen, but you need to brace yourself that it won’t. At the end of the day you have to love yourself enough to walk away.


I had an ex who would lie about everything. There came a point where the trust was in pieces and could not be put back together. It’s hard to come back from so much distrust.

Too much resentment

Sometimes the fights have been so hard and you can’t say you’re sorry anymore for all that has been said. The resentment is too deep, even if you’ve ‘forgiven’ each other. Either you decide the relationship is worth saving and see someone about this, or move on. Is it worth it?

Not willing to talk things over

When she or he (or both) aren’t willing to talk about issues, in my opinion, the relationship doesn’t have a future. Relationships offer an opportunity for both parties to grow – only if you’re willing to look at the issue at hand and take responsibility and talk things over. If this is not happening, then it’s better to move on than suffer.

ending relationships

Way too much drama

Sure you will have disagreements and some arguments and fights, but constant drama isn’t normal. How much is too much drama? Well, if everything in your relationship is a cause of stress, crying, shouting matches, jealousy etc., it’s way too much.


If any one party in the relationship is way too into the other to a point of it being noticeably imbalanced, then both of you should examine your reasons for being in the relationship. Healthy relationships are balanced where both parties are there for each other.

Relationships can be very challenging, I’m not saying walk away when there is even the slightest sign of trouble, but be aware when you’re giving yourself away, not putting yourself first and not loving yourself. Get some space and room to breathe, think and come back to center. What about you, what are your relationship signs that it’s time to leave?

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