6 Ways NOT to Piss Your GF Off During the World Cup

June 22, 2014
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Did you see the big, embarrassing defeat of Spain by Netherlands? Yeah, I’m still in pain over it (unless you were rooting for the Dutch, in which case, YAY!). So yeah, every four years I don my little football jersey and cheer for my favorite team (viva España!). Yep, I’m one of those people who only get into football every four years. But many of you are hardcore football fans who have been rooting for your team for as long as you can remember. It has all come down to this. The World Cup. You might turn from great husband/boyfriend/partner to absentee partner/football nut. Of course if you could come out of this without a divorce/separation that would be great. But what are you gonna do, eh? Well, don’t worry. I got your back. Here are six ways to NOT piss of your Girlfriend (or wife) during the World Cup:

Don’t give her a litmus test

If she says she likes football don’t make her prove herself by explaining to you how the rules work or who scored what goal in which year. You don’t do that with your guy friends, why do that with her? If she says she’s a football fan, count your lucky stars that you have a cool lady you can watch the games with!

6 Ways NOT to Piss Your GF Off During the World Cup

Inform her ahead of time

Don’t keep her in the dark, share the game schedule with her ahead of time. Tell her when you’ll be busy, and when you’ll have time for her (even if it’s only a little) so that she doesn’t feel like you’re ignoring her (bad). It’s all in the communication (good). When you make sure that she knows what’s going on in your life, and that you’re not ignoring her (well, kinda) unless she’s completely unstable, she’ll understand.

Don’t turn into an ass when your team wins

This means no going out getting piss faced and acting like a douchey-jerk when they win their match. Yea they won, but hold it together man!

Do inform her when your team has lost

Cuz she’s going to wondering why in the hell you’re so damn moody. Sure it’s going to be annoying when she says something like, “It’s only a game!” but at least she’ll know it isn’t because of her.

Don’t be condescending

Don’t try and get her to “hang out with the girls” or go “visit her mother” during the season. It’s condescending. She has her own mind and she’ll hang out with her friends if she wants to, no need to nudge her in that direction.

Do try and include her

At the end of the day, she just wants to spend time with you. So why not include her and both of you can watch the game together! Clue her in on the rules, which team you’re supporting and all the awesome chants – before the game please, not during – tell her politely that during the game you won’t be able to focus of her or any questions she might have, but after sure, invite some friends over (or meet at a bar) and make it a fun night out! Have a fun season guys (and gals!)

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