6 Traits You Need to Succeed

January 15, 2014
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When it comes to success, everyone seems to have a theory on how to achieve it. Whether it works or not, that’s a different story, but there are countless books teaching you how to achieve some measure of success. Some people believe that success only happens to ‘lucky’ people and don’t count themselves in that category, and yet some people believe it’s all about the hard work. Perhaps its a little bit of both? I believe that it’s a mindset, or a set of traits that when practiced, appear to give you an aura of ‘luckiness’. Couple that with some good ol’ hard work and viola! Success? Could it be that easy? No harm trying. Here are 6 traits that you need to succeed:

You can scoff at this all you want, but being grateful makes you appreciate what you have. When you are grateful you are also open to learning, receiving and generally are in a better position to be ‘lucky’ in life – probably because you’re not busy snarling and complaining and people actually want to be around you.

traits for success

Remember when daddy told you to keep on trying even if you fail? Well, turns out he was right. It’s not about how often you fall, it’s about how fast you bounce back, clock in what you learned from the experience and keep on keepin! If you’re going to go into depression every time something doesn’t go your way, you’ll never be able to find success. The road there is often paved with a lot of obstacles, and you need to learn how to deal.

Self Discipline
Dreaming of being the next Richard Branson? Well, trust me, it isn’t going to happen if you can’t motivate yourself to do the work that needs doing. If you’re the type that can only move if prodded, then you need to start instilling some self discipline. Perhaps start small with one commitment (rising early, writing in a journal, not eating desert, finishing one thing off your to-do list, etc.) and stick to it. This trait will be exercised when your friends are out partying, and you need to launch your next product. But think of the benefits you will reap!

Sure, everyone says they’re honest. I’m sure you know the virtues of being honest with others, but being honest with yourself means you will take responsibility for your actions, you don’t get swept away by sweet/fake talk because you know yourself, you know where you stand and more. This also lets people know that they can trust you to make the right decision when it matters – the same kind of confidence leaders have.

This is more than just the machismo bravery shown on television. Starting a business takes courage, quitting your job, taking a chance, opening up, and this kind of courage is not often talked about. Successful people approach the unknown whether or not they have fears. Like the Nike slogan, they just do it!

All of the above is bust if you don’t also couple it with some kindness. The best leaders are also kind. I mean, look at Kim Jong-un, that’s one person you don’t want to turn into. Being kind also means you have a good disposition which draws other people to you. Becoming successful isn’t a solo journey, you will inevitably need help from others.

All of the traits above will help you face challenges better, build confidence, build stronger relationships and much more. Coupled together with a healthy working ethic, you’re bound for success! Good luck!

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