6 Great Gifts For A Girl Who Reads

December 20, 2013
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If your lady likes to read then I’m sure she’ll appreciate these awesome gift ideas below. Specially compiled by an avid reader (Me!) for other avid readers. Here are some great gift ideas for a girl who likes to read:

I have always been a champion of books – until I got a kindle. My life has never been the same. Nothing beats the pleasure of being able to buy and read books from your home instantaneously. And when I’m travelling, I’m able to carry all my books with me in my Kindle. I’m sure your sweetie will also enjoy the pleasures of being able to carry many books in one neat device (and it fits in most hand bags too!). Add in an Amazon gift card and she’ll be all set to read up a storm.

gifts for girls who read

Bed Pillow

This is such a great invention I wonder how I never thought of it before! Who doesn’t like a lazy Sunday in bed with a good book, and now with this awesome Bed Pillow, you don’t have to stack up a pile of pillows to prop you up.

A yummy, soft, warm blanket goes a long way. Especially on a crisp, chilly day. Nothing beats snuggling up in a comfy chair with a good book and a warm blanket. Even better, you can get her a snuggie so she her arms won’t be cold while she holds her book up!

Book Inspired T-shirt
If your sweetie has a favourite book these awesome book inspired T-shirts are great. In fact Out of Print makes some pretty cool book inspired merchandise. The book selection is pretty limited but I’m sure you’ll find something there that she likes!

Beautiful Book
Folio Books are beautifully designed and bound books. They look so pretty you’ll want to keep them forever – perfect for every book lover.

Spineless Classic
How about a whole book spread out into one large poster? How awesome is that? Well you can get her one from Spineless Classic. I really want the Trainspotting poster. Looks really cool. Which one do you think your girl will like?

You can even give her a combination of gifts from the list above. If you, let me know how it goes in the comments below! Have fun you guys!

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