5 Superfoods You Should Incorporate

September 12, 2014
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Eating healthy is no longer just taking vitamins and being done with it. Now more than ever you have the responsibility to take care of yourself and know what to put into your body – especially since so much information is available for free and you can make an educated decision. Gone are the days where you just listen to what ‘someone-someone’ says and then feign ignorance when it doesn’t work out.

Sure, there is a lot of contrasting information out there, but the best guideline to follow is: eat real food! Nothing processed, packaged or marked “low fat” or whatever else they write on there to get you to think it’s healthier. However, nature does produce some pretty amazing superfoods. Here are some that you should incorporate into your diet (daily if possible) in order to stay healthy…


Current trendy food on the health-conscious market, kale doesn’t get its superfood reputation willy-nilly. This dark leafy green vegetable is packed full of nutrients like iron, vitamins A, C and K, antioxidants, fiber and it is great for a detox.


Now between kale and spinach, it’s hard to tell which would win the race for number one superfood. So it’s best to just do as Popeye does, and have your spinach. Trust us, you won’t be losing out, seeing that spinach is also an excellent source for vitamins A, C and K plus added bonus of being able to prevent prostate cancer and is also a great source of protein.


Bee Pollen

Bee pollen is like that daily protein shake that you drink except that it tastes a lot better. Not only do some of its benefits include increased energy, muscle growth and a stronger immune system, it also has the added benefit of an enhanced sex drive. All plus points if you ask me. Of course it also contains all of the essential amino acids, a massive amount of enzymes, phytonutrients, vitamins A, B, C and E and a ton of minerals. Bee pollen certainly doesn’t take its role as one of the most complete foods you can eat lightly, and neither should you.

Cacao Beans

Well hello good news! So turns out chocolate is a superfood. Ok, perhaps I’m stretching the truth. What I meant to say is, Cacao Beans are a superfood. When I say cocoa beans, I mean that though – not the sugar and dairy covered chocolate bars that we eat. Cocoa beans are super rich in antioxidants. So add it to your smoothies or eat it as a snack.


If you’re into improving your memory (and who isn’t) then blueberries should be your berries of choice. They have tons of antioxidants (frozen blueberries do not lose their potency) and with the ability to prevent the onset of any cognitive problems that come with age, I suggest you get as much of this yummy fruit in your diet as possible.

Try and get as much of these superfoods in your diet as possible – with the exception of bee pollen. No need to pile on that much sugar. One teaspoon a day should suffice. Other than that, enjoy!

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