5 Signs That She’s Not ‘The One’

May 5, 2014
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There comes a time when you want to settle down, get married and perhaps have children. Perhaps this is when you will start looking for the right woman or perhaps you decide that the woman you are with is the one and propose. But figuring out whether your girlfriend is the one isn’t as easy as it sounds. While we don’t buy the whole ‘perfect partner for life’ schtick, we still think it’s better to marry the right woman for you. We all know that friend who has been dating the worst person for them (we all know it but them!) and we know we don’t want to be that person. So how do we know if she’s not the one? Well we’ve compiled 5 signs she’s not the one:

5 Signs That She’s Not 'The One'

You just can’t commit

She’s amazing and you know it. She’s chilled out, doesn’t trip out when you drunk dial her at five in the morning and your friends think you got sooo lucky but somehow, you still can’t seem to commit to her fully. You can’t seem to see your future together. Now sometimes it’s normal to feel like this (especially if you’re self sabotaging) but if it’s been over six months and you’re still distancing yourself, then perhaps she just isn’t the one.

You’re somebody else around her

Let it not come as a surprise that if you guys get married she’s going to see the real you, shit and all. So if you are a different person around her, so much so that your friends all have raised-eye-syndrome when she comes around, then clearly, you either need to talk to her and get real or get out! Cuz you can’t spend your life pretending you’re someone else.

5 Signs That She’s Not 'The One'

You’re guilty all the time

Sure couples fight and there are times when either one of you might do something that you will then feel some guilt over. But if you’re guilty all the time because of something or the other, that’s no way to have a healthy relationship. Either you’ve got some issues to deal with or she does. If it is you, then go talk to a professional and sort this out. If she’s always making you feel bad for not living up to her expectations then you guys need to talk.

Your friends and family don’t like her

Now there are some friends or family who will never like anyone you are with. I’m not talking about those. I’m talking about your friends and family whom you trust and who love, care and want the best for you. Usually if these people can’t stand your girl, then there’s a problem. Because they clearly can see something you can’t.

The only thing you do together is sex

After a while, the whole passionate-rip-your-clothes off stage will pass and then you’re going to actually start hanging out with each other and you know… do stuff. If the only thing you have in common is sex, then son, she ain’t the one!

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