5 Signs Her Jealousy Is Too Extreme

July 1, 2014
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Jealousy is not a desirable emotion to have, but we all get jealous every once in a while. It’s a natural emotion to have. However, it is also an emotion that when not kept in check can morph into a green-eyed monster, messing with your life and that of your loved ones. It’s even harder when you are on the receiving end of someone else’s jealousy, namely your girlfriend’s.

Now it’s normal for women to get jealous over certain things, sometimes. What matters is how she deals with her jealousy. Is she willing to talk about it? Is she willing to listen to reason? Does she recognize that she might be acting unreasonably? Of course, we say this with the understanding that she is acting jealous over things that are ‘unreasonable’. However, if you really are giving her cause (i.e. seeing other women, flirting with someone blatantly, sexy text messages, etc.) and ‘gaslighting’ her, then well, don’t be a dick.

5 Signs Her Jealousy Is Too Extreme

So, where is the line between regular ol’ jealousy, seriously extreme jealousy and cause to worry? Well, check out our 5 signs that her jealousy is too extreme:

You cannot mention other women, much less have any women friends

I’m not gonna lie, it takes a very secure woman to not feel a thing when her man mentions other women. This usually comes after being in a relationship for a few years, perhaps with a couple of kids in tow. But if not, there is always an interest in who this other woman is. However, for normal women, once we find out who it is, it stops there. We trust you. However if she is throwing a tantrum around any woman you mention, whether it is a co-worker, doctor or even your sister, then it’s too much. Don’t even mention having any women friends because that will not fly.

She doesn’t want to know about your good news

Jealousy doesn’t always have to involve other women in your life. Someone unstable and insecure might not even want to know your good news. If you find yourself keeping your good news from her because she might get jealous or bring you down because of it, it’s clearly crossing the line. Or if she forbids you to go out and have fun without her. I knew a girl like that and it was not fun for anyone!

She asks loaded questions

There aren’t any right answers to her question. She is asking you a loaded question because no matter what you say she is going to pick a fight. “Baby, do you think [insert hot actress name] is hot?” The answer is always no. And even then she’ll accuse you of lying. There really is no winning this game.

5 Signs Her Jealousy Is Too Extreme

She is constantly insecure about the relationship

I’ve been in a relationship like this, where you spend all your time just making your partner feel better, that no you’re not going to leave, and that yes you love them. It is tiring. It is unnecessary and it is draining. She’s not only insecure about your relationship but she’s constantly comparing it with any other relationship you have, whether it’s with your bros, family or friends.

All fights stem from her jealousy

Listen, in a relationship there are going to be some fights, but if all your fights stem from her jealousy issues and you find yourself giving in more and more, and losing more friends each day, and just plain shutting down to keep her quiet, then this just ain’t worth it. She should either deal with these issues of hers with the help of a professional, or you should find another girl who has a grip on her jealousy.

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