5 Relationship Red Flags

December 30, 2013
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The beginning of a relationship is usually the most exciting time, you’re getting to know a person, there’s a lot of mystery and the sex! It’s new and different and you’re still discovering each other. It’s also a time where you’re most likely to overlook certain things that could possibly be red flags in a relationship.

relationship red flags
“You want me to pay?”

Now I know it’s hard to back off when the relationship is shiny and new and you’re both making googly eyes at each other, but trust me, it’s better to back off now than wait till you’re being stalked by the crazy girl who has just scratched your car because she thinks you’re cheating on her.

Rude to waiters

If the person you’re with can’t be nice to waiters it means at some point, this rudeness is going to turn to you! I’ve never met any person who is mean to waiters who also turned out to be a nice person.

Doesn’t make future plans with you

If the only time you hear from him/her is late at night after a drinking session, and then you don’t hear from them again it’s probably because they’re using you as a booty call. If that is not the kind of relationship you want, then it’s best to move on.

relationship red flags
“Oh my god, I miss her sooo much…”

They’re cheap

If they’re cheap in one way, it also means that they can be cheap in the bedroom, or on birthdays or in their love. It’s not that you need someone to spend copious amounts of money on you (cuz you can take care of yourself of course) but you don’t want to be counting pennies with your partner either.

You catch them in a lie (or a few lies) big or small

Seriously, nothing is worth this. There is no reason to lie. Ok, I lie. We’re human and we lie. Or else we will be drowning in hurt feelings. But if you catch them lying about their whereabouts, who they’re meeting, or even bigger lies like if they’re married, have been married etc., then it’s a HUGE red flag. Time to run the other way.

They’re constantly talking about their ex

Whether they’re bitching about their ex or talking about how much they miss them, it’s not a good sign. Both point to the fact that they’re not over their ex. They’re either not over the hurt, or they’re still in love with them. And neither is good for you.

Now I’m assuming that you’re looking for a serious relationship. If you’re just looking for a one nighter, then by all means, disregard this and go and have some fun. But for a real relationship, these things matter. What about you, what red flags did you ignore that came to bite you later in the relationship?

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