5 Myths about Asian Women

June 25, 2014
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“Wow, so are all women in your country like you?”

As in, are they all loud, opinionated, speak english and generally behave like a normal human woman. I usually get asked this by Western men who have never actually been to Asia but live in the fantasy world that all Asian women are delicate flowers, kept alive by the joy of serving their man and nourished by satisfaction that comes out of taking care of their family. Well I’m here to destroy that fantasy. Not because I am mean, no wait, I am mean. I am mean and those are myths that aren’t serving any Asian woman, anywhere.

Here are the 5 popular myths about Asian women:

Docile / Submissive / Innocent
It doesn’t help that the only way Asian women are portrayed in the media is as the shy, retiring wife (or a geisha), always obedient and unknowing in the ways of the world. In reality Asian women are opinionated and we love being right (who doesn’t, seriously?). Clearly, anyone who thinks this still hasn’t seen this video of an Asian woman berating her boyfriend on the streets.


Cater to men / homebodies / perfect wives
Apparently we also make perfect wives because we want none of that ‘career’ b.s. Preferring to let our much capable men handle that while we stay at home cooking our delicious asian meals and making babies. Ok, let’s step out from the fantasy world of a white man with yellow fever for a minute and step into reality. Asian women are competitive. If our friends have a Louis Vuitton (the preferred brand of most East Asians) bag, then we must have one too. We’re picky and have high expectations. So if you think that you can marry an Asian woman and sit around the house being average and not climbing the corporate ladder, you’ve got another thing coming! That said…

myths about asian women

Ticket to a better life / Grateful
Times-are-a-changing and we know it. Western men seem to believe that they’re doing us a damn favor by dating us, as if we were living in squalor, eating rice cakes because we can’t afford ‘real’ food. Many Asian women are well educated, career minded and in most cases earn much more than the men we date because we want to take care of ourselves and our family.

Don’t Gain Weight
This probably started because we can be more petite compared to the western woman, but clearly someone who thinks this hasn’t been to Asia and seen overweight Asians. Sure, we are under a lot more pressure to stay skinny, because culturally it is acceptable (though not necessarily welcome) for just about anyone to comment on your weight. But we gain weight just like any ol’ human being.

Sex Crazed / Prostitutes
There is nothing more annoying than a white man thinking he can pick any girl of the streets in Asia because he thinks: 1) She is grateful for the attention from said white man; 2) She must be sex crazed and hoping for release from the ‘huge’ white penis (because all Asian penises are small); 3) She must be a prostitute. Just like any woman in the world, our sex drives vary. Some are high, some are low. And no. We don’t live to love you long time.

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