10 Things A Gent Should Know How To Do

March 31, 2014
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There comes a time in every man’s life when he will need to cross over from mere man to being a gentleman. When this time comes, there will be a few things that will be the qualifying factor that will differentiate this mere man from a gentleman:

Tie a tie

This might sound simple enough but you’ll be surprised at just how many men do not know how to tie and tie! You don’t need to know anything complicated, but read our Guide to Tying a tie to figure out a good and simple way to do so. You may not need to wear a tie for work, but there will come a time when this skill is needed and you don’t want to be squawking around trying to find someone who can do it for you.

Pick a bottle of wine

I have a male friend who doesn’t drink wine (blasphemous I know) but can still pick a great bottle of wine – made evident by the fact that he brings or orders amazing bottles every time he visits or goes to a restaurant. Not only is this impressive, this is also sexy. Both plus points.

10 Things A Gent Should Know How To Do

Change a tire

I can change a tire. My dad taught me when I was a teenager. I dated a guy in my early 20s who couldn’t. So when we got a flat one day he wanted to call a tow, whereas I just got down to changing the damn thing. Learn how to change a tire.

Choose good scotch/whiskey/gin/etc

A gentleman enjoys his drinks. He doesn’t drink only to get shit faced. He actually knows the difference between single malt and whiskey and how to pick a good bottle of gin. When he offers you a drink, you know you’re getting something tried and tested and good.

10 Things A Gent Should Know How To Do

Keep his toilet clean

Time to stop peeing all over the toilet seat and floor. Every gentleman knows that if you want to impress a quality woman, she needs to not be afraid to sit down at your toilet. Which brings me to…

Keep his apartment/house clean

Seriously, if you don’t want to clean, you should be able to afford a maid by now, so no excuses for your flat looking like a tornado ran through it. Nothing changes my opinion faster than walking into a filthy flat.

Manning a BBQ

If you can’t grill a piece of meat to perfection then don’t expect us to be doing the same to your meat.

Drive a manual car

I debated putting this in, but a zombie apocalypse can hit and we’ll need drivers. What use are you if you can’t drive a stick.

Shine your shoes

I’m assuming by now you have a few good pairs of shoes. If not check out what basic shoes your wardrobe needs and learn how to keep them clean and long lasting.

Have at least one dish you do excellently

There is no excuse for a man not to know how to cook (at least the basics) nowadays. Having one dish you do excellently will mean you can bring this dish when you’re cooking for a date, invited to a potluck or just plain need to eat something good.

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