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Life is for living… and in any one lifetime, there’s a lot of living to do. What is it that makes a life? What is it that transforms mere existence into full-blooded experience? What are those things that define who we are or who we want to be? The human experience is as broad as it gets, the precise combination of ingredients that makes up each individual as unique as a fingerprint. Sure there are similarities, plenty of social group types and shared interests, but no two individuals are ever exactly alike, not even identical twins, so providing something for everyone is a hard ask. Still, at, we like it to give it a go.

From style to music to entertainment to sport to food and drink; to what’s going on in the news and around the world to just the weird, crazy random stuff that just happens, covers as much of it as we can. Okay, there are one of two things we like to focus on a bit more, but, hey, we’re people too and we like what we like so, if like us, you enjoy the world of craft beers, then our in-depth and incredibly extensive section of beer reviews will definitely tickle your taste buds.

And when it comes to life, there’s nothing more fascinating than hearing about someone else’s, especially if they have any claim to fame.’s LIFE section also features interviews with personalities from all walks of life, from stand-up comedy to cinema to the adult industry and gaming industry. We talk to the people you want to hear from.

Whatever your likes and dislikes, when it comes to life and lifestyle, has something for everyone.


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