We’ve Got Your Number! Weird Sex News

April 14, 2015
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We've Got Your Number! Weird Sex News

Ride Me, Drive Me… Just Don’t 69 Me!

The state of Utah seems to be having something of a weird year. After recently passing a bill to bring back firing squads they then went ahead and gave the go-ahead to wide-ranging and progressive anti-discrimination reform. Now the pendulum of rationality has swung again after the state’s DMV declined a Vietnam vet’s request for a personalized number plate – for having ’69’ in it.

Arnold Breitenbach was awarded the Purple Heart in 1969 after receiving severe hearing damage as a result of a rocket attack while serving the US Army during the Vietnam War. He was also the recipient of a Combat Infantryman’s Badge.

Arnold’s request for a CIB-69 license plate was refused due to the sexual connotations of the number. His first refusal was in 2013 and he has been trying to appeal since.

Utah are strict on the usage of the number 69 in public. A letter from the DMV to Arnold stated: “Administrative Rule R873-22M-34 is clear regarding the use of ’69’ on personalized plates – ’69’ formats are prohibited unless used in a combination with the vehicle make, model, style, type, or commonly used or readily understood abbreviations of those terms.”

Arnold told Utah paper The Spectrum his unfiltered thoughts on the matter. “I figured in today’s day and age, when President (Bill) Clinton can have all that stuff going on in the Oval Office and he says that what he did wasn’t really sex with that woman, (it’s odd) to be turned down because this is so offensive to the citizens of Utah,” Breitenbach said.

“They’ve got Viagra (ads) all over the place,” he said. “I can’t imagine myself sitting on the sofa with my parents when I was a little kid having something like that on TV. In today’s day and age, it seems like everything is out in the open.”

Arnold’s campaign doesn’t look like proving to be successful anytime soon.

I Am Rubber, You Are Glue

Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) seems to have found a new and exciting way of alerting people to the benefits of safe sex thanks to a rather sexed-up new pamphlet.

Leaflets and free condoms were handed out to whoever wanted them at Antichrist, Europe’s biggest alt/fetish club night. Taking place in Islington, London, attendees are encouraged to come and have any fun they want – so long as it’s legal, safe and consensual.

The NHS’ Freedoms Shop promotes education and safety in people’s sex lives. It sells a wide range of products as well as offering free advice and other helpful bits and pieces. They told London24 that “an increasing number of people are visiting London club fetish nights and the Freedoms Shop provides an opportunity for people to look after their sexual health with online access to affordable condoms.

“With rising levels of sexually transmitted infections and HIV, particularly in London, the Freedoms Shop provides low-cost condoms and lube as well as advice on the correct use.”

That’s Just Not Fare!

A New York cabbie has been hit with the biggest fare of his life – a $10,000 bill for telling a lesbian couple to stop kissing or get out.

Mohammed Dahbi was slapped with the massive fine after giving his two passengers – Christy Spitzer and Kassie Thornton – a mouthful of abuse after seeing them kiss on the back seat.

The incident occurred in 2011, and the decision to fine Mr. Dahbi may still be vetoed by New York’s Commission on Human Rights.

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