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#Hot Cocktail

At we can boast of an amazing array of adult entertainment stars. Featuring in our very own BaDoink VIP HD Studios productions, you can see these incredible starlets showing off their even more incredible talents in some of the hottest – and most fun – adult entertainment scenes in the industry. If there’s one thing that has always marked the BaDoink brand out, it is its sense of fun!

Given that wealth of talent and beauty, it would be insane if Magazine didn’t feature its very own section showcasing all these awesome girls. Featuring exclusive to BaDoink material such as video interviews and some mind-blowingly sexy images, the ‘Girls of BaDoink’ section is a great place to learn all about the gorgeous women we have been privileged to work with.

Not only that, but our great profiles will give you all the details you could hope for to know more about these stunning sirens of the sensual arts! Where did they grow up? What did they want to be? What was their first sexual experience? What’s their favorite sexual position? What’ their favorite sex toy? The Girls of BaDoink section has the answer to all these questions… and more!

And the greatest thing of all about the Girls of BaDoink is that it’s a category that is destined to grow bigger and bigger. So enjoy the ride!


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