Whitney Westgate

Whitney Westgate
Height: 5 feet, 6 inches (168 cm)
Weight: 107 lbs (49 kg)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Sizes: 32D-24-28
Birthplace: Middletown, New Jersey
Age: 23
Favorite Sex position: Reverse Cowgirl
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This beautiful all-natural Jersey girl is the farthest thing from the Snookis of the world. She has amazing curves, long brown hair, piercing big blue eyes and a perfect pair of real 32D boobs.

Her first job was as a lifeguard at a pool club. She wasn’t very promiscuous in high school; she only had a couple of boyfriends. She was always very curious about sex, though, and loved to masturbate to porn.

Whitney actually started in the adult industry while she was still in high school, a week before senior year was over. She was 18, saw an ad for a company and applied for it. Shortly after, she got an offer to go out to California to shoot a video for an amateur website. She ended up liking it a lot, so when she got home, she found an agency to get her started in the business. She worked with them for a bit, but after a while she decided to do the booking herself, networking with everyone and finding out what the fans liked.

Whitney WestgateShe likes the fact that people hire her for her girl-next-door look, and wants to keep her natural look without fake boobs, bleached blond hair or extensions. She’s a very laid back person and not really superficial, and feels her look reflects that side of her personality.

Whitney loves her whole body. Being in the industry has helped her really explore her body, feel completely comfortable with herself and experience new things.

She likes rough sex, getting her hair pulled and have a guy take control. Her favorite sexual positions are doggystyle and reverse cowgirl.

Whitney WestgateWhitney was chosen as the Penthouse Pet of the Month in April 2013, which gave her more notoriety. Eventually she would like to cross over to the mainstream side and has been taking acting classes for a while. She’d like to do action movies, since they’re her favorite kind.

Whitney is a major hockey enthusiast. She’s a big fan of the New York Rangers and, since she still lives in New Jersey, she goes to their games regularly.

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