Sarah Shevon

Height: 5 feet, 8 inches (173 cm)
Weight: 145 lbs (66 kg)
Hair Color: Brown-Black
Eye Color: Blue
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Sizes: 34B-27-38
Birthplace: Grass Valley, California
Age: 33
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While her sweet, approachable demeanor might fool you, this beautiful brunette can deliver some of the most awe-inspiring rough gonzo scenes in the industry. Sarah has gorgeous blue eyes, a tall yet slender frame and an ass that doesn’t quit.

When she was little, her mom said she couldn’t really take her out of the house because she would always take her clothes off in public. And she was serious! It all makes a little more sense now that she does porn, but she’s always taken her clothes off and asked people their opinion.

Her parents were hippies and let her find her own way. They didn’t force religion or anything else on her. They divorced when she was about 7. She lived with her dad, as he was the more lenient one and worked a lot, so she was kind of on her own most of the time.


Sarah went to school for fashion design. She’s always really been into art, but while she was in college she felt like she had too much going on and was getting sick constantly. She was hospitalized a couple times for health reasons. Even though she had a great interest in design, she acknowledges it wouldn’t have been a great career choice for her, since it’s very stressful and they’re expected to stay up all night often without much pay. A lot of things happened on the way, but it all basically began when she started taking pole dancing lessons and eventually ended up contacting, and doing fetish porn. She’s much happier now.

She started her career in the adult industry in March 2009, and she’s been a Spiegler Girl in Los Angeles since July 2010. She was a Kink contract girl at first, and she took a lot of work with them before coming to L.A.

Even though she turned 30 already, because she looks younger, she still gets booked for “innocent” roles. She finds it flattering that she can still pull that off, but a little frustrating at times.

Before porn, she had just squirted on rare occasions. So when she started at Kink, they asked her about squirting, because that’s something they’re really into. She told them she could do it, but didn’t really know how to do it. Then, when she did her first gang bang, Princess Donna fisted her pussy and got her squirting right away! Towards the end of the scene, when she was tied up and all the guys would take turns on her, one of the amateurs was pounding her ass and squirt was flying everywhere. It was like a sprinkler!  That was the first time she squirted from anal penetration. Now she’s at a point where she can make herself squirt by sticking a finger in her vagina or through both vaginal and anal penetration. She finds it amazing, how much more she’s learned about her body now.


Sarah claims to have multiple orgasms on every scene she does. She doesn’t need to fake things because she knows how to make herself come.

Sarah’s scene preferences are gangbangs, DPs and fistings.

She has always found women to be the more attractive gender. In particular, she’s drawn to the shapes of their hips and asses. When it comes to men, she feels they’re generally focused on their own cock, but finds it sexy if they care about anything else, especially the women’s pleasure before theirs.

Her life revolves mostly around work these days. Even when she’s not working, most of her energy goes towards it, like working out at the gym or shopping for shoot clothes.

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