Ana Foxxx

Ana Foxxx
Height: 5 feet, 9 inches (175 cm)
Weight: 129 lbs (59 kg)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Ethnicity: African American
Sizes: 34B-26-36
Birthplace: Rialto, California
Age: 29
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This gorgeous ebony porn star has all the features of a runway model – and used to be one – but she found a job she enjoys much more in the adult business. She has long jet black hair, is very tall and skinny, yet has great curves and perky 34B tits.

Ana was born and raised in California. Growing up she was really shy, but sexual.  Although she didn’t lose her virginity until she was 17, she had been masturbating much, much earlier. She was – and still is – really curious about everything.

Ana Foxxx

She actually stumbled upon modeling. She was discovered at a grocery store and ended up going with it. Her best moment in modeling, though, was leaving it and taking what she learned from it to stay ahead of the curve in the adult industry.  Directors always comment on how much of a natural she is in front of the camera. Modeling helped her with that and taught her a lot about herself, but she wanted to take her career further. She’s grateful for the experience, but she’s much happier doing porn.

The idea of being an adult performer first came up at a party. She met porn stars there, her curiosity got the best of her and wondered if she could actually do it. She admits it wasn’t much of a decision, because her lifestyle was already similar. Ana is just doing what she already did; she’s just a little more famous now.

At the time of choosing her stage name, she felt Ana was a really sweet name that best described her appearance. Foxxx obviously showed the naughtier side of hers, and she believes it says a lot about her personality.

Ana Foxxx

It’s a little hard for Ana to choose between them, but she prefer boys over girls. She’s taller and stronger than average girls, and she likes to feel dominated in her personal sex life. Hard aggressive sex always gets her really hot.

Ana doesn’t feel she can put a limit on her sexuality and how far she’d go. She considers herself somewhat of a daredevil and she’s willing to try anything once.

She’s usually running at the beach, keeping her body in shape or masturbating (to keep her body in shape, of course.) She masturbates every single day at least once.

Ana likes doing cam shows, too, because they are unpredictable. There’s no script to the sex she’s having because it’s based on audience’s requests. Cam shows have proven to be a good way for her to explore positions and even learn a new trick or two with instant feedback from her fans.

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