Alana Rains

Alana Rains
Height: 5 feet, 9 inches (175 cm)
Weight: 129 lbs (59 kg)
Hair Color: Red-Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Sizes: 34B-24-34
Birthplace: Calhoun, Georgia
Age: 23
Favorite Sex position: Doggystyle
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This Southern babe quickly made a name for herself as the “The Anal Teen Queen.” She’s very tall and has a slim frame with all-natural curves and perky 34B tits.

Alana grew up in a small town in Georgia. She confesses she’s never been the bad girl type, but there is always time for change!

She’s been watching porn since she was 4 years old, from stuff she found in her parents’ stash. She was always very sex-driven and curious and liked having sex with girls since she was a little kid, all through elementary school.

Alana RainsAt first she had never really thought about doing porn. She was looking for modeling jobs, saw a website and submitted her application. She got a call back and that was it; she was in. She signed her first contract in the adult industry the day she turned 18, and three days later she shot her first scene.

Alana made a splash on Twitter by saying she would be having anal as soon she started shooting boy/girl scenes, instead of waiting a little while, as most girls tend to do in the industry. She had only done anal sex once before she started in the business, when she was 16. She likes it a lot, though, and saw no reason not to.

She wants to do a little bit of everything while in the industry. She figures the more she does, the more people will want to see.

Alana considers herself more of a lesbian and – if she gets into a relationship – she prefers women; but she still enjoys having sex with guys, which makes her job a lot easier.

Alana RainsShe likes having sex in public places, and once she even did it at a Confederate cemetery, back in Georgia.

Her favorite position is doggystyle, in front of a mirror so she can look while she’s being fucked from behind. She also prefers that when she’s with a girl with a strap-on.

Alana can put her own whole fist in her ass.

She’s been a dancer for most of her life, and thinks she’d like to go on tour as a featured dancer at some point. While she’s been in the business, she’s also been stripping, both for the extra money and the exercise.

She would really love to work with Playboy sometime. That’s been a dream of hers since middle school.

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