Nicki Hunter’s in ‘Fuck at First Sight’

Nicki Hunter's in 'Fuck at First Sight'

Nicki Hunter's doctor appointment instantly turns into a nasty quickie in the mens bathroom.
Director: Nicky Milo
Runtime: 26 minutes
Starring: Nicki Hunter
Keywords: Doctor's office, sex in the men's room
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Nicki Hunter in Fuck at First Sight.Going to the doctor’s office sucks. But sometimes, as one lucky dude is about to find out, it can totally suck in the right way!

In our new pathologically awesome scene, Fuck at First Sight, a visit to the doc means more than just a check up for our stunning starlet Nicki Hunter when things move from the waiting room to the men’s room.

Maybe this is what they call ‘privates’ health care.

If Nikki wasn’t suffering hot flushes before she went in, she sure will when she gets probed over the sink. We can only imagine how the oral examination will turn out.

You never saw such great anatomy in Grey’s Anatomy.

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Nicki Hunter’s in ‘Fuck at First Sight’ 2 votes

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Nicki Hunter
Girls of BaDoink

Nicki Hunter

Nicki Hunter from Florida has been in the adult industry for a whole decade a span that has seen her take part in hundreds of movies.

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