Alexis Monroe in ‘Make-Up Sex’

Alexis Monroe in 'Make-Up Sex'

The hot, awesome Alexis Monroe confronts her cheating boyfriend in a fabulous new exclusive scene from BaDoink called 'Make-Up Sex'
Director: Nicky Milo
Runtime: 24 minutes
Starring: Alexis Monroe
Keywords: Alexis Monroe
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Alexis Monroe in the new scene Make-Up Sex.Meet Alexis Monroe and Ed… they’re the couple at the heart of Make-Up Sex, a great new exclusive scene from BaDoink Studios. Alexis and Ed have been doing it for years. However, Ed’s explicit infidelity, constantly gets him into trouble.

After discovering an unidentified pair of wet undies in their bedroom, Alexis confronts Ed and his fat, greedy trouser snake.

But the truth is, hot make-up sex is what sticks this couple together, like crazy glue.

So, once again, in order to keep the flame alive, the two of them get down to some hot relationship therapy.

To see if this couple makes it – and not just makes out – register with BaDoink VIP today to see the this great new scene in full.

And, hey, if it helps you with any relationship troubles you might be having… well, heck, no thanks required.

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Alexis Monroe

Originally from a small town in Michigan, Alexis is one of the most stunning models we have seen recently. She's of Dutch descent and has long blond hair.


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