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What is BaDoink?

BaDoink is a collective group of products and services focused around the fun parts of being an adult. We cover everything from new tech gadgets to streaming adult videos because we know being a kid isn’t the only time you can have fun in life.

Meet the Editor

Hi, hello, greetings and ‘whaddup’ to all of you out there. My name is John Lane and I have the awesome pleasure of being the Editor in Chief of BaDoink Magazine, the online lifestyle, sex and tech magazine that all of us here at BaDoink feel pretty damn sure will shortly become known as the greatest damn thing on the Internet… since the Internet!

Write for us

We are always on the lookout for new journalists and authors to join our team or work on a freelance basis with us. Our articles cover Lifestyle, technology and sex and we are always looking for insightful.

Customer Support

We love hearing from our customers! We have customer support reps available 24/7 by phone, live chat or direct online support ticket submission. And of course, we are on all the most popular social media sites if you feel like reaching out that way.

You can reach us on these numbers 24/7:

800-482-4605 (From the US/CA)
001-201-205-2247 (From outside the US/CA)


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