Will Speare

Will Speare

Will Speare is a thritysomething writer from Great Britain, and is writing here on whatever thoughts and ideas come to his clogged up think tank.

His interests run from entertainment and the arts, through politics and current affairs to sports and general issues of the day.

His views are his own and he hopes to entice thought and discussion with his musings, but he is very open to retorts and questioning, as he is a long way from being the polished article.

Will has spent time travelling all over the world and he is currently living the bohemian lifestyle in Europe, as this seems to best fit his lifestyle.

Away from the laptop, Will enjoys most forms of sports and many different styles of music, though he is heavily influenced by Southern U.S rock and roll music. It does really give the best soundtrack to Will’s existence. Will is also a keen follower and sometime participant in the performing arts. He has (in another life) been a musician, he has also been known to “tread the boards” every once in a while too. This is not however an excuse to not take him seriously. He’s actually an ok guy; take my word for it!

The one thing I would explain about Will is, he is very tongue in cheek. Often he will say things just to gauge the reaction it may get. He is not always to be taken to seriously but does on occasion write with fervour and passion if a topic really tickles his fancy, and you know sometimes they do.

Will himself doesn’t take himself too seriously and asks you not to either. Really what we are saying is he’s an ok guy really, cut him some slack. Engage him in conversation and you never know you may like him too… or not.

So hold on to your hats, this may be a little bumpy, but fun nonetheless, as, well let’s be honest, Will often has no idea what he’s going to come out with until its too late.

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