Victor Agreda Jr.

Victor Agreda Jr.

Victor Agreda, Jr. is a freelance writer, producer and speaker. He was Editor-in-Chief of The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW), and over the course of 9 years tested thousands of apps in every category for Mac and iOS. He helped launch DownloadSquad, where he also tested Windows and Linux software, plus some of the world’s wildest web apps before mobile took the world by storm. He was featured in the 2007 book, Blogging Heroes, after launching DIY Life for AOL.

While managing TUAW, Victor produced hundreds of hours of video, including daily livestreaming from conferences, app reviews, interviews and more. The most recent series, Slices of Apple, was an unprecedented look inside Apple, Inc. as told by former employees.

Victor taught multimedia and game design before covering technology, has a background in film and television production and is an avid magician and comedian in his spare time. He recently launched Angry Dad Gamer, a live gaming stream on with guests pulled from touring comedians and musicians. ADG is also a game and hardware review channel on YouTube, and provides commentary on the games and electronics industry at large. In addition to live gaming, Victor can also be found hosting a weekly show about software called Coders for RCR Wireless in Austin, TX.

Follow him on Twitter at @superpixels, or Angry Dad Gamer at @angrydadgamer. For speaking and writing engagements, visit

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