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There’s a lot of people working here at BaDoink, some in Rochester in the States and others in Barcelona, Spain. But though they may be oceans apart they are as one when when it comes to the passion they share for all things BaDoink and when it comes to their creative genius.

We have tech heads, book lovers, movie lovers, music lovers and games freaks. We have encoders, programers, designers, boffins, geeks and writers. And most of them have stuff they want to get off their chests… or just plain show off about. And now, what with this awe-inspiring magazine within their reach, they have a forum to do just that… always assuming, of course, that the BaDoink journal’s Draconian, power crazy, dictatorial animal of an Editor-in-Chief deems their trumpet blowing and blind ranting to be lexically, syntactically and semantically worthy of virtual ink.

So, whenever one of the BaDoink gang puts fingers to keys, their work will appear under the umbrella authorship of Team BaDoink. Think of it as a hive consciousness. Maybe you want to be part of that consciousness. Yeah, maybe you do… so why not join us… join us… jooooiiiiiiinnnn uuuussssssssss.

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