Sondra Goodwin

Sondra Goodwin

Conceived in Tunisia, born in Switzerland, Sondra Goodwin, of British-American, German and Hungarian-Gypsy descent immigrated to the U.S. as a teenager and finished high school in Connecticut. Having lived in Switzerland, France, Argentina, Ecuador and the United States, she considers herself a European child, U.S. teen and a woman of the world.

After attending Maryland Institute College of Art and having traveled the globe she finds creating the most satisfying adventure. She now dedicates her money and time to making art and working in the studio. Her work has been seen at the Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, NM, in various group exhibitions and juried shows around the country, and a one woman show at CMC Gallery in Santa Fe.

In collaboration she created “The Wrestling Party”, a fusion of video, installation, music, live wrestling and reading prose, which was presented at The Center for Contemporary Arts in Santa Fe. She also stared in the televised version of “The Wrestling Party” which appeared on HBO’s show “Real Sex” #29, and wrote directed and edited “take her down!”. Her picture appears in Madeleine L’Angle’s book “Mothers and Daughters”, and her voice performance was featured in the critically acclaimed CD “Il Bacio” by the band Grandpa’s Ghost. Though her brain is her biggest muscle, she has always worked with her body. Both in her art as well as  for money, building an empire with her tiny company Calamity Construction, specializing in small green multiplex remodels.

When she started modeling for live drawing classes at 17, she realized she was not her body. Being liberated from society’s dictates of what was sacred and what profane, she claims she has nothing so horrible she has to hide it and noting so great she has to charge for it.

Since the economic collapse of 2008 she has realized empire building is not all it’s cracked up to be and is shifting her focus back towards artistic projects and a bohemian lifestyle. She keeps honeybees, raises quail and grows most of her own vegetables, which she photographs as part of her new work, a departure from the human body to the body of plants. She is currently finishing numerous video, photography and performance work, looks forward to expanding her knowledge, presenting her work, and starting new projects, in short she is a supermodel trapped in the body of an East German swimmer.

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