Sarah Nitchkey

Sarah Nitchkey

Sarah is a writer, sex educator, and excellent dinner party guest from Pittsburgh. She is currently residing in northern Germany with her husband and her dog, both of whom she met online. It’s possible that you saw her on German television in the middle of the night once.

Sarah’s passion for quality sex education, research, and journalism began at age 19 when she became a home party representative for an adult brand that was popular on campus. After several incidents involving poorly formulated lubricant (and after learning about pyramid selling) Sarah set out on her own as a blogger and sex toy reviewer.

Since publishing her first blog post in March 2012, she has worked with pleasure product companies all over the world. She considers it her mission to make quality products, amazing orgasms, and accurate sex education easily accessible. Sarah also enjoys delving into topics like online dating and improving sexual communication.

After entering the adult industry five years ago, Sarah has held a variety of positions from retail store key-holder to Communications Manager of a #sextech start up. Her proudest moment thus far has been the release of the first vibrator that she helped to design. On the flip side, she once fell asleep in the back of a Range Rover when she was supposed to be at a late night industry party.

Sarah considers it part of her job to answer questions about vibrators at neighborhood barbecues. In fact, fielding questions from readers is one of her favorite aspects of writing about sex and relationships. Because of this, she recently stepped away from the corporate side of the adult industry. She is aiming to focus on writing, and further developing her interpersonal communication and coaching skills.

Currently, she is blogging independently ( and writing articles for magazines like Badoink. She also spends an inordinate amount of time trying to keep her hair the right shade of blue, and is continually searching for the perfect meatloaf recipe.

In September 2015, Sarah will return to university for her Master of Social Work degree to make her goal of offering pleasure-based sex and relationship coaching a reality.

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