Lucie Blush

Lucie Blush
Hey, I’m Lucie Blush, a Frenchie living in Barcelona. I run a sex blog about porn, erotica, eye candy and feminism on, and I’ve also started making my own alternative, feminist porn films, starring real-life couples, on
How did I get into that? Well, after studying languages, travelling around and working in online marketing, I ended up in Barcelona and I discovered the world of Feminist Porn. A few years and break-ups later, I decided it was high time for me to express all that inner turmoil and took it out on the Internet. I write scripts that are based on me and my friends, who are a huge pool of insider information about the way we have sex nowadays and the contradictions of our conflicted society. I constantly exchange with people, both men and women, who are desperate for a different kind of content and horny for a more satisfying experience.
I believe the “pornorama” truly lacks stimulating images for straight women who enjoy watching hot guys and passionate sex on screen, that’s why I basically spend my days curating and producing films that might make porn more accessible to women.
I believe it’s important to reclaim the word porn, strip it off its misconceptions and put the fun back into it. Nobody said porn had to be this mechanical, boring and uncreative medium spreading clichés on sexuality and pleasure. Everybody has their own desires and fantasies and I feel that my mission is to find ways to make them all come together…
Thankfully, the Internet is making it possible and many new talents are emerging every year to bring the world their own vision of sex and erotica and I’m deeply excited and overwhelmed to be part of such an exciting moment.
I also love dogs, metal and sleeping.
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