Lila Gray

Lila Gray

Lila Gray was born and raised in the anything-can-happen-here capital of the world, Los Angeles. She steeped in the Hollywood glitz, glamour and pervasive strange before flying the coop to pursue higher learning in Portland, Oregon. Four years later, she returned to L.A. with B.A. in hand and a new found appreciation for the rain.

Since 2011, Lila has been covering L.A.-centric arts, culture, news and entertainment in addition to porn, sex and fetish, for both mainstream and adult publications. Though she was kinky before it was cool (looking at you, Fifty Shades), she learned the ins and outs of Porn Valley during a two-year stint as the Associate Editor of XBIZ. She also co-created a silly stop-motion animated short, (Sub)stitute, that screened at the NYC Porn Film Festival, as well as in L.A.

Lila now lives in the anti-glam San Fernando Valley with her pet rat and geriatric cat. Most of her day is spent writing and editing, but when she can force herself to close the laptop she enjoys swimming, crafting, traveling, learning new languages, watching sappy old movies, drinking too much and thinking too many dirty thoughts.

Once she has put in her time (and ink), Lila hopes to retire to a cabin in New England with several hunky male servants and write the next Great American Novel. (Or just a really sexy graphic novel.)

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