James Nastic

James Nastic

Originally hailing from East London, Jim has mutated into somewhat of a world traveller. Every journey starts with a single step, and the first single step was north to Newcastle-upon-Tyne as a child. After completing secondary education and receiving a new-found freedom of movement, he took that all-important second step. Back to London! But this time to the west, attending Royal Holloway University of London, where he studied English Literature. His favorite writers include Beckett, Blake, Yeats, Huxley and Borges. Also during these formative educational years, pursuing his penchant for performance, Jim was accepted into the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain. He has since continued to tread the boards, working extensively in drama and musical theatre at university and beyond.

After graduating, Jim decided it was time to take a third step, but this time a little further afield. He packed his bags and headed to the Vietnamese metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City, for a taste of the other side of the world. For two years, living and working as an English teacher, Jim had the chance to travel and savor the delights of South-East Asia. Finding it almost too easy to live in Asia, a case of ‘itchy feet’ set in and Jim decided to return to Europe for a spell. He has since been living in Barcelona, Spain, where he has been involved in more teaching, theatre and film acting as well as voice performance work. Now after two years (there is a pattern here) the wanderlust has reappeared, and Mexico is calling Jim and his newly learned Spanish speaking abilities. I wonder where he’ll be in another two years.

As far as interests go, Jim has his fingers in a lot of pies. A man of letters, he has delivered them on stage, screen and airwaves, taught them in classes around the world, and is now writing them in a magazine, as well as working on those never completed (or even really worked on!) plays and books that these kind of people say they are doing. Other than that, James is a keen music lover, reader, gastronome, and has an ever-growing interest in the esoteric and mystical. He aims to draw from the cultures of the world to have a good cookbook, a diverse iPod (do they still exist?) and a balanced and profound belief system. Also he hopes to learn how to move around by gliding just about the floor.

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