Amanda Holder

Amanda Holder

Amanda Holder is an exhausted, unkempt stay at home mom who is stealing moments in between nursing and laundry to write little blog thoughts for money. Desperate for every nickel, she writes what she knows. That sex is good, that America is for shit these days and that we all need a little boost from time to time to keep our chins from scraping along the sidewalks.

With a little encouragement from viewers like you and with increased readership, it is possible that her daughter will be able to eat organic produce rather than genetically modified whatamasuchits and that she’ll be able to replace the newspaper pen in her living room with actual Huggies.

Crafty and courageous, Amanda never hesitates to reveal her most vulnerable feelings or her most ludicrous observations. By no means a dummy, Amanda can hold court with the best of ’em, especially if she has had any sleep at all in a given three day period. Not plain, not a knockout, she wears average really well and knows how to accessorize the bags under her eyes and the snot smears and food stains on her otherwise impeccable couture.

Although she is very well educated and has not one, but two college degrees, Amanda has found that her most valuable information was learned by simply being alive and experiencing the ups and downs that come with each inhale and every exhale. She has worked in the service industry, taught in both public and private schools, sold high end art and worked as an artist in her own right along with a whole slew of other endeavors…

A lover of people and an appreciator of the idiosyncratic aspects of individuals, she is quick to see beyond the surface of things. Although she is extremely opinionated she can usually see all sides of a story. This has hindered her ability to do well on multiple-choice tests as she can usually find a reasonable argument for every answer. It has helped in the real world though as diplomacy depends on the ability to sympathize with the opposition.

From amidst her project strewn home where everything revolves around the momentary whims of her young daughter, Amanda reaches through the fog of parenthood to find content worthy of commentary. Having grown up with her father, the male perspective has been the overriding voice in her life. Extraordinarily feminine, she has always gotten on well with men and truly loves the dynamic between the sexes. The dynamic that has gotten confused, perhaps especially in America, where roles have been muddied and nobody is quite sure how to behave. This is a likely theme in her writing as it seems to affect so much; politics, fashion, recreation, food, sex, relationships, finances, and just about everything else.

There is no topic too peculiar; there is no story too strange. In fact, discovering the countless wonders of the world has been her MO throughout her life. While the baby sleeps, Amanda feels fortunate to be able to get vicarious thrills form voyeuristic peering and temporary immersion into the remarkable ways of the masses.

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